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Presentation Directory Tomato & Health Research Links

Tomato & Health

In 1998, a Tomato & Health Commission was set-up with two specific aims:
1. To collate all the information on the health benefits of tomato products
2. To increase the consumption of tomato products by linking with credible health findings.

Here are examples of activities carried out or supported on this topic:  


Publication: The Whitebook on the Antioxidants in Tomatoes and Tomato Product

In January 2000, WPTC member AMITOM published the « Whitebook on the Antioxidants in Tomatoes and Tomato Product », the first comprehensive scientific review of the scientific literature on the subject which was carried out by a team of scientists as part of a EU-funded project.

The document is unfortunately out of print, and some of its findings are out of date as there has been many new publications since,  but an electronic version can be downloaded here





Publication: Processed Tomatoes and Health

In 2002, WPTC published a 4-page leaflet to explain the health benefits of the antioxidants in tomatoes, based on the findings of the above-mentioned « Whitebook on the Antioxidants in Tomatoes and Tomato Product ».

The document is now out of print, and some of its findings are out of date as there has been many new publications since.




Publication: Tomatoes, Lycopene & Human Health : Preventing chronic diseases

This book, published in January 2007 with the support of AMITOM and WPTC, provides an essential foundation of scientific authority which will be the first point of reference for health information based promotion. Edited by one of the most respected scientists in this field of research, Dr. A. Venket Rao, it is the first unbranded, fully independent scientific reference book on tomato health effects ever to be published and is written by 28 internationally recognized scientists, each a specialist with their chosen field supported by an enormous and compelling body of evidence.

The book synopsis is available here.  

For more information, please contact the Editor directly at: www.caledoniansciencepress.com






Research: The LYCOCARD project

AMITOM was one of the 15 members of the LYCOCARD consortium, a publicly funded 5-year research programme (2007-2011) looking at the role of lycopene in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

WPTC was officially recognised as the organisation entrusted to disseminate the project research results outside Europe.

The project ended in March 2011 but its website is still active at http://www.lycocard.com/


The www.tomatoandhealth.com website was launched in October 2007 as part of the project. It is a multi-audience, interactive online magazine, educational resource centre, media and communications platform and public health nutrition forum dedicated to defining and promoting the Mediterranean diet as well as healthy foods and recipes from all the world's culinary cultures, with a special emphasis on tomatoes and tomato product.




Organisation: Tomato Products Wellness Council

The Tomato Products Wellness Council (http://www.tomatowellness.com/) was created in September 2006. The Council, made up of growers, processors and brand representatives, mainly in North America, formed to take a unified approach to conduct research, grow awareness, build demand responsibly and increase consumption of tomato products. 

Although there is no official link between TPWC and WPTC, the two bodies cooperate and exchange information. 

The Council continues to be a key player in Government issues and policy, funding and collecting all of the latest research (over 650 studies available on the organisation's website), promotional activities and PR while uniting the industry for the common good.




Organisation: The Tomato Foundation

The Tomato Foundation (http://www.tomatofoundation.org/) brings together an international, global team of experts from research institutes, universities, applied science and food technology companies, seed companies, plant breeders, educational publishers and multiple sectors of the food industry. The common aim is to drive public demand for a healthy balanced diet. The novel approach is to use one prominent ingredient to tell the dietary story. Tomato is easily recognisable as healthy and features in culinary cultures worldwide making it perfect for illustrating nutrition health messages. Tomato’s great taste and versatility provide opportunities for diverse presentations that can engage with consumers of all ages. The TF has chosen to focus its communications efforts on harnessing social media by sponsoring innovative resources people feel compelled to share. The TF will initiate, support and participate in new scientific studies and collaborate in existing research into health properties of tomatoes and other foods that are commonly found within healthy dietary eating patterns around the world.

Although there is no official link between the TF and WPTC, the two bodies cooperate and exchange information.





WPTC and its members have been keen to present the health benefits of tomato products at various conferences and events.

The last comprehensive update on the research on the health benefits of tomato products and promotion activities was given during the 13th World Processing Tomato Congress in Greece in June 2018. The next one will be made during the 14th congress in San Juan (Argentina) in March 2020.

For more information: www.worldtomatocongress.com