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AMITOM is a non-profit making association grouping professional organisations of tomato processors in the Mediterranean region. For more than 30 years since its creation in 1979, this international organisation has been collecting and storing technical and economic data and information on the processing tomato field, from research to final sale.

AMITOM is based in Avignon (France). Its current President is Mr. Alistair Blake (Turkey) and its Vice-President is Mr. Martin Stilwell (Portugal). Mrs Sophie Colvine is General Secretary.

AMITOM has assigned itself the following targets:

  • To set up permanent links between the bodies representing the industry in each member country. Regular meetings are organized between the delegations of the member countries. AMITOM is also keeping close links with non-member countries, notably through its membership of the World Processing Tomato Council (www.wptc.to).
  • To collect from its members and other sources reliable information on the situation of the tomato processing industry worldwide. For this mission, the collection of crop forecasts, through regular survey amongst members, are precious indicators.
  • To ensure the exchange of information amongst everyone involved in the industry. Besides the exchange between its members, AMITOM possesses an excellent means of communication in the form of its bilingual (French-English) publication Tomato News, which is read in 60 countries worldwide (www.tomatonews.com).
  • The congresses and scientific symposiums also contribute to meet this target: AMITOM initiated the creation of the World Processing Tomato Congresses. The 13th World Processing Tomato Congress was held in Greece in June 2018 and the next one will be in San Juan (Argentina) in March 2020 (see www.worldtomatocongress.com). The congresses are organized in cooperation with WPTC (www.wptc.to), ISHS (www.ishs.org) and local partners.
  • To encourage research on agronomy, nutrition, health and general quality of tomato products. Between 1997 and 2001, AMITOM coordinated the European Tomato and Health thematic network which resulted in a White Book on Antioxidants in tomatoes and tomato products, published in January 2001. Between 2006 and 2011, AMITOM was a member of the LYCOCARD consortium, looking at the role of lycopene in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases (www.lycocard.com). AMITOM also took part in the BIOACTVE-NET project looking at ways to extract bio-active compounds from tomato processing wastes (www.bioactive-net.com) and in the French project FLONUDEP (flonudep.iamm.fr) looking at promoting the industry through sustainable development by producing a decision-making tool combining environmental sustainability, nutritional quality and social and economical aspects (see "Research" section).
  • To increase the consumption of tomato product through generic promotion activities.
  • Finally, the association participates in the writing up and harmonization of international quality standards, through the Codex Alimentarius.
Started with 5 founding members, AMITOM now has full Members in eight countries, and Associate Members in eight countries:


 5 EU countries:

Spain: Spain is represented by AGRUCON, the Spanish Association of Vegetables Processors based in Madrid.

France: France is represented by SONITO (National Interprofessional Tomato Society), who gathers the forces of the French tomato processing industry together (growers, co-operatives, private processors)

Greece: The Greek industry is represented within the AMITOM by PEK, the Greek Canners Association. Established in 1945, it is a founding member of AMITOM.

Italy: Italian private companies are represented by ANICAV based in Naples, while co-operative processors are represented by FEDERAGROALIMENTARE, headquartered in Rome.

Portugal: The Portuguese tomato industry is represented by AIT.


3 countries outside the EU


Israel: Israeli tomato processors are represented by a specific association, the Tomato Products Board of Israel, based in Tel Aviv.

Tunisia: GICA (Food Processing Industries Association) is the representing organization for Tunisian processors and growers within the AMITOM. The association was created in 1965 and federates all the actors of food industry: growers, processors and exporters.
Turkey: The Turkish Tomato Paste Exporters and Producers Association - SIID (now SALKONDER) joined AMITOM in 1980.
8 Associate Members, which are private companies in :

Algeria, Egypt, Hungary, Iran, Malta, Russia, Ukraine,and Syria.